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Rabbi Osher Weiss is a well known Posek in Israel. These are his words about the dangers of not observing the proscriptions during this time of the plague of the.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Instructor. Faculty, DTPHX Campus, Mailcode 9520. Bio; Research; Teaching. Biography: Adam Chodorow is the Jack E.

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Bitcoin ready to move higher into end of January 2020 then will decline until mid March to level we are today around 7k. Astrology cycles is more absolute indicator than news or TA alone to follow. Who doesn’t know me.

I’m Osher, developer of Astro-finance method to predict the market move according to planetary locations and aspects.

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Digibyte; The NEW Bitcoin? It’s fascinated me how much people were coming to me since January 2018 asking about Digibyte. During 2018 I’ve published to members and later to general public Digibyte 6 months predictions based on my astrology calculations (Osher’s astro-finance method) and lots of people were amazed.

30 Jun 2019.

Considered “deep cold storage,” the wallet uses “offline generated, non- deterministic True Random Numbers Generated that cannot be.

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Membership to View my Live charts & Forecast 24/7 S&P500, Bitcoin or any stock you need (on demand) Learn more. Click to request any financial asset prediction! On Demand Prediction . a. What is “Astro Calendar”? Astro Calendar retrieved thanks to Osher interpretation of the astrological events, according to “inner planets. Astro Calendar is way Osher illustrates both.

OIL below $20 again? Gold above 2000 this summer?22 Dec 2014.

Not bitcoin competitors, mind you.


Osher recognizes bitcoin's low-cost structure, but believes government regulation in country's that wishes.

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