How Can I Receive Funds In My Wallet? Help Center

Receiving money through your wallet addresses; Receiving money from a Cash out transaction; Sending out a payment request. In this tutorial, we'll . is a free, secure, and trusted mobile wallet that lets you access financial services from your phone – even without a bank account or credit card. You can add funds to your wallet (no minimum balance required) and use it for remittances, bills payment, mobile load purchases, online payments, and digital currency purchase (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP).

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Otherwise, you will receive the amount sent back in your wallet. However, please note that sending to wallet addresses are final and.

Learn how to add funds (cash in) to your wallet and receive funds (cash out) Safety & Security. Critical information about protecting your account and making secure payments. Products & Services. Learn how to use your wallet to buy load, pay bills, and more! Using for Business. Give your business the advantage! Learn how your business can.

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You may send money worldwide through wallet-to-wallet transfers using your account. You may use either your Peso (PHP), Bitcoin (BTC), or other digital currencies we offer such as ETH, BCH, or XRP wallet as your source wallet for your transactions. Here’s how: 1. Click on the source wallet of your choice and click on “Send.

How to send and receive bitcoins on how to add funds (cash in) to your wallet and receive funds (cash out)