Bitcoin Hard Fork Countdown

Litecoin Block Reward Halving Countdown website.

Current activated soft forks , bip34,bip66,bip65,csv,segwit. Current pending soft forks. Next block retarget.

r/bitcoinsv: Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin It restores the original Bitcoin protocol , will keep it stable, and allow it to massively scale.

SegWit verhoogt de transactieverwerkingssnelheid van bitcoin door.

met het bestaande bitcoinnetwerk, en zou dus, in vaktermen, een hard fork vereisen.

Empowering the community. Growing the ecosystem. LinkedIn. Major Projects. Coin Dance. Coin Dance provides visualized community-driven Bitcoin statistics .

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BTG is a cryptocurrency with Bitcoin fundamentals, mined on common GPUs instead of specialty ASICs. ASICs tend to monopolize mining to a few big players, .

Bitcoin Slides Amid Rollercoaster Ride 17 Jan 2018. U.S. stock futures were pointing to a rebound after an afternoon slide that erased. Bitcoin was trading well below $10,000 this morning amid. Comments: Bitcoin slides amid rollercoaster ride. Sorry, we are unable to load the comments at this time. Please try again later. Convert Bitcoins (btc) And Iranian Rials (irr) Free